The disemination of information by Targeted Justice is priceless, a real tool to empower we the people and to eradicate government tyranny.

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Limit it to 5 minutes? No problem! I'm in

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thank you

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Maria Lúcia Brasil 56 years our fight is our hope

Tô get out of This Damn

Program thank

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Hello, Francesca. I hope you are doing well. Do you still have the photo of the microwave burn on your throat?

"The radar flashlight checks electromagnetic activity of speech control in the vocal chords. In other words, when we read or think about something, we subconsciously move our vocal muscles. It's not a truth detector, it's part of the (data) mining process that they're doing on certain individuals to get into the big Echelon computers."




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More on the teleportation.

I moved here in 02/2015, about then. Almost immediately I began to experience the puzzling events gang stalkers like to do. And one of the things a lot of TIs experience is what some refer to as "calling cards", like microwave doors left open, or a couple of screws taken out if its door, or the commode plunger in the kitchen cabinet, finding your razor in a salad bowl, just things TIs know are not right.

Back then I was communicating with Al Cuppett. Al was in the US Military for 30+ years probably, and his last 6-7 years he worked in the Pentagon as a civilian action offer under 2-Star General Jerry Prather. Al lived in Virginia, Wolf Town or something like. Al died in November, 2021; he was pretty old.

Al had mentioned "calling cards" left around his property and inside his homes in at least 1 video I watched that he produced. He and I talked about it. He described the extensive efforts he took to keep them out of his house to me in an e-mail message and one the phone. I don't think he was ever convinced he stopped them, but he did expend a lot of effort to rig things so nobody could enter his home while he was away. Ingeniously crazy stuff. Al should have simply bought himself a digital recorder.

So, in 2015 I owed a 2012 5th wheel trailer I'd bought in 2013 I think. I was living in it while building a log cabin. I bought it new. It had inside a DVR that was built into a wall. The DVR was two-part. The big part was built into the wall. The second part was a plastic fascia piece with the LED readout lights, a tuner, volume control etc. Its located across from the kitchen area, and after I began to get stalked nightly, I started to sleep on the 9' sofa on the slideout right next to the DVR.

The fascia piece was removable. It hooked into the DVR's wall piece on the right side, and worked mechanically by pushing the left side down into the DVR where there was a clip that secured the fascia piece to the DVR wall piece, kept it from falling out during use. And the fascia piece was disengaged by pressing a little mechanical button that released the clip, and then the fascia piece would slide out for storage during transport of the trailer.

The LED lights in the fascia were really, really bright, and I was sleeping on the sofa with my head without 2-3 feet of the lights, and that got to be a problem because the lights kept me up or caused me to wake up during the night. So my habit became to disconnect the fascia piece by pressing the button, and leaving it connected on the other end of the wall DVR part. This turned the LEDs off and left the fascia piece still resting in the DVR's wall piece.

So thereafter I'd get up in the morning and follow the same routine. I'd walk out the door, turn left, walk 50 yards to the chicken run and feed the chickens (sounds just like Jed Clampett, doesn't it?). I'd then retrace my steps past the front door of the 5th wheel trailer, walk about another 20 yards and unlock a gate. Then I'd retrace my steps back inside. 5 minutes max.

One morning when I reentered the trailer the blue LED lights were on, and I knew they were off when I left the trailer about 5 minutes before. This happened 6 or 7 times!!! So, I finally got motivated to buy a digital recorder, which I did. I know like anybody else that the LEDs could not possibly turn on without a person making them turn on (no remote that would do that), not once, much less 6 or 7 times. This is a simple 2 + 2 cause and effect and common sense formula. It takes physical pressure, most often from a finger of a person to push the fascia piece into the DVR wall piece to lock the fascia in place and for the LED lights to come on. Not rocket science.

So what did I conclude from that? I know I'd spent no more than 5 minutes outside on that average morning trip, and that somebody, not me, had reengaged the DVR's fascia to the wall piece. Again, I knew it was not me!!! And my Yorkies weren't tall enough to reach that high, maybe 4 feet off the ground.

Back then I use to make an early morning trip to the Kolache donut shop often for Kolaches, sausage, cheese & jalapenos! So one morning I decided it was time to set the trap. I had 3 yorkies, Babbs, Pixie and Joshua, a/k/a Joshie (the gang stalkers probably killed Joshua later). Joshie was maybe 12 or 13 months old, and his little brain still wasn't working like a very mature dog so I was leaving him at home on these trips, combined with the fact I didn't need any poop or pee on my truck's front seat. Babbs & Pixie were seasoned old hands at eating kolaches.

The digital recorder was in the garage of my 5th wheel toyhauler trailer, I went went back there, rummaged around a little bit, picked it up, turned it one, and secreted it in the palm of my right hand. I then walked to the front door, reached over and secreted the recorder behind a countertop drip water filter, collected up Babbs and Pixie and went to the Kolache shoP.

About 35 minutes later I returned home. I immediately began investigating the contents of the recorder, and guess what I learned? It contains the sounds of human boots stomping around my kitchen living room area, Joshie was barking furiously at times, which is not something I'd ever heard him do before, and almost every time he barked he screamed with pain. Near the end of the audio there is a pressurized sucking sound my friend said sounded exactly like the SCBA, a self-contained breathing apparatus, he'd used professionally,, offshore as I recall.

And guess what? I also heard a male voice speak two sentences to Joshie!

Now remember the two entry doors are on the starboard side of most 2013 era 5th wheels, at least those made by Dutchman in its Voltage series at the time, were extremely loud and the locking mechanism was metal, and when you closed a door you could not fail to hear the big "slam". Some of you may know what I mean.

The audio did not contain any slamming sounds or metal door opening sounds, and the the trailer did not have any windows a person could egress through without leaving the window dangling open and obvious. So, this guy entered the trailer without making a sound and he exited the trailer without making a sound?

Near the very end of the recording the pressurization sucking sound happens almost immediately after the sound of my 2005 Dodge Ram diesel pulling up behind the 5th wheel trailer. Within about 45 to 60 seconds or so of the pressurization sound I can be heard entering the front door, and the attendant sounds.

Within the next 24 hours I found my digital recorder vandalized and the SIMM chip missing. Fortunately, I took the original SIMM chip out and kept it in my pocket and made copies of the audio file and kept them in different places.

And since you most certainly don't believe in teleportation, check out these two other sources:

1. Andrew Basiago's testimony about participating in a CIA Jump Room USAP project with Barak Obama, and Andrew is an attorney who ran for the presidency in 2016. Basiago's father was apparently a Who's Who in DARPA research projects:


2. The personal testimony of Fred Threlfall given to Dr Steven Greer as part of Greer's Sirius Disclosure project:


So, they really can visit Putin in the morning while he's on his thrown in his bathroom?

And as mysterious and genius-like at the gang stalkers will have you believe they are, they are only human being and and one of more of these Potato-Heads allowed me to capture evidence proving they are very likely, almost certainly to me, using teleportation in their stalking. Or so the evidence in the digital recording very, very, very strongly suggests.

How does the the DVR's blue LED lights come on within the 5 minutes, 6 or 7 times, while I'm outside feeding chickens and unlocking a gate, and when the front door of my trailer is always within a direct line of visual sight?

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I think I shared this here not long ago, but I want to share it again so everybody understands the lethality of EMF. I concluded they could kill anybody with it in the first week of November in 2017 when they shot me and instantaneously the pain in my outer right thigh went from nice and normal to a 9 on a pain scale of 10. It didn't last long.

I've since concluded if you received a nanotech from an mRNA vaccine or other source, the EMF source that hit me would much more effective and lethal.

So this is a video of my big dog CJ in the throws of what have seemed to me to be in pretty excruciating pain. I've seen CJ in this condition dozens and dozens and dozens of time, more than that. I've had him examined by my vet who could not explain it. I consider it a calling card and a warning by the gang that stalks me, a notice to let me know what their EMF gun can do, wherever its located, maybe on a cellphone tower and referred to as the "Beam-Forming Six Shooter" by its developers and users. I attribute CJ's behavior to EMF.

The message wasn't lost on me, that if they can do it to CJ they can almost certainly do it to everybody. I'll also say CJ does about this 75% of the time while I'm outside, 50% of the time when he has been very close to me outside.

So my conclusions were in order, they can give you a pain level of 9 on a scale of 10, they can almost certainly kill with their little EMF weapons, and they can almost certainly torture people using the same weapon that caused CJ to do this recently.



Anybody ever witness this in a dog or other animal, or know it is a symptom of some know malady I've never run across?

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yeah but I have no way although I do have pen camera videos I could send but not of me speaking or anything but they are of my spectrum analyzer on my EMF meter, they're about ten minutes each and I have one or two that shows me being hit by colored orbs Red and blue but one looks like it's white or bluish I could send those would like as evidence???

If and when I get another pen camera and this is still open I may take a quick video of me speaking about my torment, but the one I have is broken so I need a new one. Living on SSI is a bitch even though my wife works and my mom lives with us it's still a bitch.

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someone look into this site please create a fake user ID and PW and log into it and tell me if it's a network or gaming system or both...


I found this site knowing that people with cell phone can use like Google earth or maps and our Longitude and latitude coordinates, and hit us with microwaves. I've heard many times it like a video game, and or playing a game plus at the beginning of this in Nov of 2020, I remember them saying to use my mind to shoot people, but the point is one night one of them was telling me he could teach me how to do this... Plus daily almost I still feel hits on my head like little whiffs of something hitting me. I've never been able to film it or catch it in a mirror or anything to see if my hair moves but I know this crap hits me. I've noted too in stores people grab their phones and do something as soon as they see me, and not long I feel a hit on my head so yeah. Just log into it make and account take a look and see if it's what it says or just bunk please thanks.

Like Ana says we need to stay united so stay united don't get caught in divisive talk.

Some may be comfortable with this or believe nothing we do will help that's OK just stay united.

So yes please investigators please do this for me thanks.

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Evidence? I contacted Dr Robert Young again this week to find out if he thinks its possible to identify nanotech in human beings yet. I clearly have it inside my body, probably since 06/2017 when it was illegally introduced. Its since migrated to many other areas in my body, but it still has a very significant presence in my outer right thigh, thru my hip joint and up into my outer buttocks, oddly. I imagine it all the way into my brain, head, skin. My right thigh region is where I feel the most burning.

My point is if my hypothesis is correct, and it almost has to be correct, I was an unknown substance illegally introduced into my body in June, 2017 that by 01/2021 I'd concluded likely contained Graphene Oxide (something I determined before any American had received an mRNA vaccine which several research groups and labs determined was in lots of the vaccines. I think Dr Robert Young proved it as well).

And that producing scientific evidence proving this in a court, I would imagine would have a very sobering effect on the criminals. Remember, I've described a primary use of this nanotech as tracking me personally, and I've experienced the most common symptom of its presence as burning/tingling almost certainly the result of its excitation with an unknown frequency(s) of EMF.

So what I'm describing is a strategic tracking system that can be used to track everybody, and without my personal consent. I felt it burning/tingling yesterday at the San Jacinto County Tax Office when I went to renew two vehicle titles. I've felt three times in that very same office while standing in line at the window. I first felt it in about 2018 at the Home Depot in Huntsville, TX the Home Depot and Sam's Club in Shenandoah, Texas, the feed store near downtown Huntsville, TX and most other retail outlets I've shopped at in the last several years. I don't remember feeling it inside an HEB, and not very often in a Walmart.

Again, it is my belief this nanotech is part of a strategic and nationwide tracking system that can likely track every American, and most importantly, WHOEVER IS BEHIND IT, LIKELY DHS AND FBI AT LEAST KNOW ABOUT IT, HAVE A FIRM OBJECTIVE OF KEEPING IT A SECRET FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

This might expand the TI community to potentially include 330+ million US citizens.

As I see this thread as a search for evidence from we TIs, maybe we shouldn't keep our minds and eyes closed to a whole lot of other potential evidence the DHS & FBI are leaving out there, as good as they are at hiding it.

Remember to, I made a digital audio recording in '15, '16 or '17 that caused me to conclude these folks are using teleportation, and that was not EVEN THE MOST REMOTE POSSIBILITY IN MY MIND at the moment I turned the recorder on that morning!!!!

Just doing a little sharing this morning.

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worthwhile though to do if you can.

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Thank you I’ll make a video!

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Video link


here's the link too sorry I am so not what you want to see I lost my teeth but not to drugs most likely RF signals over the years. Don't laugh. Sorry too it's about 7 minutes long. Let me know if you link it and are able to use it thanks. I can hear a girls voice in the background and I hear them trying to speak with me and over me too.

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TJ I am going to do this or try here in a few minutes, but with the v2k so loud it messes with my voice and may not come through very well. Plus it's on a pen camera so???

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