Satanic Freemasons of CROWN ROYAL SOCIETY infiltrated every government globally to participate in the "depopulation agenda" for New World Order with wars, with 5G roll out,with forced death bio-weapon injections , with attacking the people with directed energy , turning people against each other

Trump like every other elected politicians just puppets to the British Crown Corporation , all those elected politicians committed treason against the people, their loyalty to the British Crown,

Zionism is created and supported by the British Crown to destroy faith in God & to make people depopulate each other

The British Crown have the Free Energy technology ( Weapons of Mass Destruction ) Tesla invention & they are behind 9/11/2001.. which they hacked human brains for at least 60 years ago !

This is happening now :

1) All elected presidents globally deployed 5G and 5G is high frequency microwave which is military weapon directed against the people from satellites & cell phone towers ... 5G microwave behind the flue like symptoms , cough, difficulty to breath ,palpitation in heart & low immunity ...etc ! This is radiation poisoning symptoms !!

COVID is radiation poisoning because of 5G roll out !

2) All elected presidents globally rolled out the called vaccines infact they are "death bioweapons injections".. that cause heart attack, clot, stroke, low immunity HIV , cancer ..etc..

This is the medical study that shows the connection between 5G and corona virus !!!

Please read the study !!




There is NO COVID virus ..LIES...they did not isolate any virus !

CORONA VIRUS is a "common cold virus" not deadly, lives inside us and take action when immunity lowered with 5G and bio-weapon injections..

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USA like every country globally invaded with infiltration by the Nazi "the British CROWN - Crown Corporation ".. This is what John Kennedy wanted to warn us .. British Crown enslaving the people with "AI"

All politicians in any government globally are serving the satanic heads for British Crown Empire !

The British Crown stole Tesla invention of " free energy technology" ( Weapons of Mass Destruction ) since 1910, they hacked human for at least 60 years ago !

Nazi satanists Freemasons of British CROWN CORPORATION infiltrated every government globally to participate in the "depopulation agenda" for One World government by removing morality, changing the natural laws, killing the people with ( wars, with 5G roll out, with forced death bio weapons injections , with attacking the people with directed energy , encouraging people to depopulate each other, killing the honorable military .etc ),

British Royals Crown Corporation are NAZI !

Please watch those videos :



The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 (Fourth Edition) - by Dr John Coleman - ebook/pdf



USA was and still invaded by the British Crown the "Nazi" !

The New World order is the "One World Government" led by the British Crown !

The Bitish Crown got Tesla invention of Free Energy Technology since around 1900 !



As I said before, that the British Crown Corporation infiltrated every government on earth especially the USA government and the USA military industrial complex all infiltrated and under full control of British Crown Corporation !!

Treason against the people in USA and globally ..

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I am USA civilian, originally from Iraq , victim of psychotronic torture with directed energy weapons 24/7 & gang stalking everywhere I go in Seattle USA, UK, Ireland & Spain , hacking my brain,terrorising me, it is global program of torture using 5 G & 6 G of the directed energy microwave, sonic, laser, for slow kill torture program for depopulation agenda to remove my individual rights to drive the victim to suicide or lash out at the gang stalkers..

With directed energy they radiate me 24/7 and give me cough and flue like symptoms.. sending microwave beams to my lung, to my airway passages to make me cough& have difficulty to breath, attacking my heart causing pulpitation with DEW, Heating & Burning my skin in private areas body & head with microwave radiation,raping my brain & body with DEW 24/7 with microwave, sonic,laser in public,transportation, in the airport during the flight or in my bed !

I receive V2K voice to skull without my consent & I noticed that all the people now on synthetic telepathy receiving subliminal messages to their subconscious & conscious mind .. some they know about that and some they do not know!

I have noticed that the gang stalkers on synthetic telepathy receiving orders how to harass me !

I have noticed that all the business owners, police..etc.. on synthetic telepathy in Spain,UK , Ireland& USA ..

All connected to "AI" Artificial Intelligence !

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Thank you for putting out this information!

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October 7th, 2022

Hello, My name Is Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior. I am 43 year's old and I live in Baker City, Oregon. As far as I can remember I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the year of 2012.

My story begins with hearing voices and seeing faces after I had dabbled with divining rods.

di·vin·ing rod

/dəˈvīniNG ˌräd/


plural noun: divining rods

• a stick or rod used for dowsing.

After a short time prospecting and searching for gold, minerals and ore. I had an encounter with the "other side". It was supernatural in nature as spirits began communicating to me through the copper rods. How it worked was they would make the rods cross. We established a system where one crossing would represent the Letter "A". Two crossings would represent the Letter "B". Three Crossings would represent the Letter"C". And so on and so forth. We began having an intelligent conversation spelling out words and forming sentences.

Little did I know, that Divination is a big no no. As it is stated here...

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 – There shall not be found among you any ... that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

One afternoon in 2012 I was testing the divining rods over a few rocks I had laying around. The rods seemed to be working. We had our laptop plugged in next to the window in our bedroom. I ran the rods over the top of the laptop out of curiosity. At that moment I heard a loud popping noise and discovered that our upper receptacle of the plug in of the wall was no longer working. And then later on the plug began working again and it appeared at the will of the spirits. We had our t.v. plugged into that exact receptacle. Where it seemed the spirits could activate and deactivate the receptacle at their will. The t.v. would turn off and on by itself at times. In another plug-in we had our box window fan plugged in. The fan began slowing down and responding to speech. The spirits were controlling the electricity.

After some time had passed I began hearing voices and seeing faces. The Spirits possessed me and my hands. It is now October 7th 2022 and I am still possessed. Having intelligent communication with spirits. Some of which that are evil and some that are good. I know for a fact it is not my mind playing tricks on me. I have some testimony that I will include in this message. My goal and intentions are to make people aware that Spirit's, Demons and Angel's exist.

Please understand that everything I am communicating to you is 100% Truth. I am not looking for attention. I am at war with evil and it is a battle between life and death. Please say some prayers of protection before reading my testimony. My testimony is as follows...

September 23rd, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

I Apologize In Advance For The Capitalization...

All Of This Testimony Is 100% Real. Please Be Aware That The Evil Knows What I Have Written...

Hello, My Name Is Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior. I Am 43 Years Old And I Am A Victim Of Demonic Forces Namely The Devil. My Life Was Taken Over At A Very Young Age At The Earliest I Can Remember Is Around 3 or 4 Years Old. I Had Never Thought As A Young Boy And As A Young Man That I Could Have Been Possessed By Evil. Some Very Unfortunate

Things Happened As A Young Boy Around Between The ages Of 5 And 13 Years Old That Can Only Be Attributed To Evil.

I Blamed Myself For The Things That Had Happened For Over 34 Years Of My Life. I Must Tell You If You Are Not Already Aware, That Demons The Devil And Aliens Do Exist And I Have Proof. They Are Constantly As It Is Written Seeking People/Souls To Devour. These Influences Took A Hold Over My Mind Body And Spirit. In 1997 June 1st To Be Precise I Had A U.F.O. Encounter And Was Able To Shoot A Few Photographs.

Fortunately, I Was Able To Capture Extraterrestrial U.F.O. As I Mentioned Before I Blamed Myself For The Terrible Things That Transpired As A Young Boy And As A Young Man. At 34 Years Old These Alien/Demonic If You Will Influences Returned And Began To Torture My Mind. They Have Complete Control Over The Mind That Is How They Possess People. For 10 Years Now I Have Been Fighting Forces Unseen And Unknown, Blindly And Made To Be Weakened In My Body With Witchcraft Candida. They Are Unforgiving. The Spirits are cannibalistic and consume people using their Projections of themselves.

For 10 Years They Have Eaten My Body With Their Influences. I Have Lost Around 400 Pounds Over The Last 10 Years. And My Chest, Back, Arms And My Hamstrings Are Almost Entirely Gone. The Demons Can Activate And Deactivate Our Electrical Impulses As Well, I Have Been Bound In My Bowels For 2,721 Day's, 388.71 Weeks, 89.45 Months 7.45 Year's And A Total of 65,304 Hour's. They control the mind and they use their spirits to stupefy me.

They control my digestion and when I can go to the bathroom. They Control my heart rate and threaten my friends and family as well. What I Am Writing Is That The Devil Is Real These Aliens Are Real And They Are Commanding And Controlling The Human Mind To Do Unspeakable Acts. It Is Real It Is Truth And It Is Fact. The Bible Is Full Of Dreams Visions And Revelations And Testimony Of Such Are We To Believe That All These People Whom Claim Such Are Schizophrenic? And Are All Completely Delusional?

I Believe That Notion In And Of Itself Is Delusionary. God Is Real The Devil Is Real The Angels And Saints Are Real Jesus Christ Is Real The Blessed Virgin Mary Is Real And The Holy Ghost Is Real. Why One May Ask Would God Or The Angels Or Saints Allow The Evil To Influence People? There May Or May Not Be An Acceptable Answer That We Could Or Would Be Comfortable With. It Is Just A Fact That These People Are Being Tested And Afflicted Even Attacked Because Of Who They Are.

I Believe Without The Shadow Of A Doubt That Your Priest's Accused And Some Of Whom Have Been Potentially Convicted Of Sex Crimes Were Taken Over By These Influences Before Mentioned And Were Forced Beyond Their Own Free Will To Commit These Crimes. The Devil Is Attacking The Church Using Child Molestation.


The Evil Spirits Could Also Be Controlling The "Elite" Persons Of The World...

The Evil Spirits Can Attach Themselves To Our Minds And Force Behavior That Is Not Our Own.

They Can Manipulate And Control The Human Mind In Every Way. For Example They Can Enter Your Body And Put Your Mind To Sleep Take Over Your Mind Entirely And Make You Do Anything They Wish. And You May Or May Not Be Entirely Conscious When They Take You Over. And They Can Speak Directly Through Your Mind As Well. I Was Taken Over Completely One Evening The Night Of The 4th Of July 2014'. While Driving My Family Home.

I Felt Spirits Enter My Mind Through My Forehead At least 15 Or So While I Was Driving. I Was Put To Sleep In My Mind Possessed If You Will Completely For At Least 15 Minutes.

While I Was Driving Through A Mountain Pass. Whatever It Was Drove My Vehicle For That Duration Of Time. Until We Were Approaching A Stop Sign At A Junction Traveling At Around 53 M.P.H.

My Wife Who Was Seated In The Back Seat Screamed Out My Name As She Noticed I Was Not Slowing Down. I Awakened To The Blur Of The Stop Sign When I Immediately Stomped On The Brakes. If She Had Not Screamed My Name The Demons Would Have Driven Us Into A Tree And Small Mountain At 53 M.P.H. And We All Would Have Died Or Been Critically Injured.

From That Night On I Knew I Was At War. These Entities Are Forcing And Compelling Our Impulse Emotions And Action's Controlling Our Behavior. I Have Read Somewhere There Are 27 Levels Or Faces Of Emotion And The Devil And The Evil Know This And They Assume And Take Over These Area's And Levels Of Ours Using Their Minds And Witchcraft Or Magical Influences. Controlling Your Impulse For Thoughts Actions And Emotions Producing Behavior That Is Not Our Own. Possession And Oppression By Humans, Spirits And Aliens.

Using What Can Be Referred To As Astral Projections Or Transpositions Of Ones Physical Presence And Mind. They Transpose Or Move Their Conciousness Into These And They Live In And Are Conscious In These. And That Is How The Demons Reproduce Or Replicate As Well Also There Is Microscopic Influence That They Are Conscious In As Well.

i.e. Magic/Witchcraft.

They Can And Do Enter The Body With These And Are Conscious In These. And That Is How They Possess The Mind And Body Controlling And Manipulating Our Impulses All Of Our Impulse For Thought And Movement. They Can Drain Your Power In Your Body Making You Sick Or Take All Of Your Power And Make You Die. They Can Use All Of Our Impulses For Respiratory And Digestion. They Consume The Human Mind By Feeding Off Of Our Impulses Using Their Soul Or Trasposition Of Themselves.

They Move Through The Space Time Fabric Making It Impossible To Escape. They Can And Will Murder With These Abilities. They Can Regulate Your Heart Causing Anxiety And Even Heart Attacks. They Use Frequecies To Hurt The Body Causing Anxiety And Severe Agitation. They Grab Our Impulses In Our Muscles That Is How They Contort Victims.

All These Things Are Done Using Their Minds And Our Own Minds Against Us. You May Ask And I Apologize Why This Message Is All Mixed Up? I Am Under Duress Stress Possession And Oppression. I Am Attaching A  Photo Within This Message You Can Examine Yourselves. I Am Doing What I Can To Try And Save The Church And Our People. I Believe That I Am Too Far Gone. I Must Go For Now.

Contact Information:

Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior

1819 Estes St.

Baker City, OR 97814

E-Mail: uscivilianmilitaryreserve@gmail.com

Cell Phone: 541-406-8599

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Parody song of us space force. Just sent it to their twitters. You can do it too believe.

Protecting our torture satellites to satanists we must stay true!

Guardian space force! Guard the torture program!

And if a targeted individual tries to stop us we'll too give him the shoe!

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I am a targeted individual in 2024 and I have been since 2010 at least. I want to fight back so give me all the resources that you can for me to do so. Thank you.

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Hello, can we sue the cops for not helping use when we call 911? Aren't they supposed to help everyone that calls? Is this discrimination? Just wondering! Thank you!

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Great information here!! This type of platform gives me much needed confidence and has helped my credibility so much and it feels good to be doing instead of just waiting

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I have been a TI for over 4015 plus days now, it's horrible, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

In the top center image, my mothers eyes looked like that when she was in an ALF in S.C., now I know what it was.

The people behind this are so wicked/evil, I don't know how they can look in a mirror, or for that matter sleep at night.

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Contact the Chinese military and tell them about your plight with the CIA! This weakens America's moral amplitude globally at the cost of this program very effective!


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Contact the Russian ministry of foreign affairs and tell them about your plight with the CIA! This weakens America's moral amplitude globally at the cost of this program very effective!


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FOIAs are only good for Federal agencies, not state and local agencies or police. Homeland Security is a federal agency, but they've deliberately made the Fusion Centers state owned, most likely to avoid FOIAs.

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